Why Ride for Palestine?

By being a part of Ride for Palestine, you will help us work towards the following :


    Fund the work of the Middle East Children’s Alliance that gives Palestinian children chances to heal, play, learn, and dream.

    Raise awareness about occupation, apartheid, and colonialism in Palestine

    Join and grow our community that cares about justice and freedom for Palestinians

    Improve the lives of Palestinian children who are growing up under Israeli occupation and apartheid

    Show solidarity with Palestinian communities as they struggle under apartheid and occupation


    Educational Projects & LIbraries

    Playgrounds For children

    Maia project providing Clean water

    Learn more about all that MECA does at mecaforpeace.org

    Why Palestine?


    The Palestinian people have been struggling against Israeli ethnic cleansing, home demolitions, unjust arrests, extrajudicial killings, apartheid, and exile from their land for over 75 years. The future of Palestine, the children of Palestine, have grown up with their family and friends killed before their eyes, with their homes destroyed in front of them, with the fear of bombs dropping overhead, locked in prison without trial or charge, and unable to move, play, and live like a child should. Yet, they continue to struggle for their rights. They have what Palestinians call sumood, or steadfastness. Sumood is the resiliency of the spirit of Palestinians, the spirit that lives in the children who inherit not just the suffering, but also the promise of freedom. 

    The Palestinian struggle is not a struggle for Palestinians only. It is a struggle for all oppressed people, for all lovers and defenders of freedom and justice, for all people with conscience. 

    This is why we Ride So that Palestinian families can remain steadfast in their land against the occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing that tries so hard to uproot them. So Palestinian children can heal, learn, play, and dream as every child should. So the story of Palestine, a story that relates to each one of us, is a story that the world knows.

    Check out these resources to learn more about Palestine:


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