Personalize your page

Add a photo and a little about who you are and why you care about making life better for kids in Palestine.  

Set a goal of $300 or more. Choose an amount that’s realistic but challenging.  If you think you can raise $500 you can probably raise $1,000. 

Make a donation to your own fundraising page. This encourages others to give and shows people how important this cause is to you.

Start with those closest to you

Gather the email addresses of your closest friends, family members, and people you know who care about Palestine. Personalize this email template  and send it to all of them. You can do this right from your fundraising page or send an email with your page’s donate link. Note: Some people may need 2-3 reminders to give.

Then reach out to EVERYONE you know

Once you’ve made some progress toward your goal, reach out to additional friends and family, plus co-workers, neighbors, the person who cuts your hair, the owner of your corner store. Don’t exclude anyone. Remember, the worst that can happen is someone will say no.

Post on social media

Share photos, donation requests, your goal, success stories, and a link to your fundraising page on all the social media platforms you belong to. 

Ask for a specific amount

It makes it easier for people to donate if they don’t have to decide what’s too much or too little and if they contributing to a “mini-goal.” For instance you can send an email that says, “This week I’m asking ten people to give $10 each and I hope you’ll be one.” Don’t worry about asking for an amount that’s too high. People won’t be offended and they’ll just give what they can afford. 

Ask Face-to-Face, by Telephone, or in the Mail

Most of your fundraising will be done online through this site but your grandmother may not like to donate online, you probably don’t have the email address of your mail carrier, and you only have a mailing address for your old roommate. Use our donation form for these offline or mail-in donations.

Events and more (as long as it’s COVID-safe)