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Let’s Fundraise!

Any funds you raise will make a huge impact on the lives of Palestinian children in Gaza and their community!

Raising money may seem challenging, that’s why we’ve put together some tips, toolkits, and resources to help you fundraise. You will reach the fundraising minimum of $300 in no time! Every dollar counts and can go a long way in supporting Palestinian resilience so remember to stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize.

Always remember you are raising money that is critically needed. People want to help you have an impact on the lives of Palestinian children and families.

  • How to Fundraise

    To make things easier for you, we have a system already set up that allows you to create your own fundraising page without all the hassle of starting from scratch! Simply start by logging into our fundraising page. From there you can use the Import Contacts function on your fundraising dashboard to add all your friends' and family's emails to the system. Click "Ask for Donations" to then email your contacts using either the email template we have provided below or your own words.

  • Make it personal

    Set up your fundraising page. Add a photo and a little about who you are and why you care about making life better for kids in Gaza, Palestine. Make the first donation to your own fundraising page. This encourages others to give and shows people how important this cause is to you.

  • Answer Why

    Whenever you ask for donations, make sure you say why you are participating. Thinking about the following questions may help guide you: what motivates you to be part of a fundraiser that advocates for the well-being of Palestinian children? What do the programs that the Ride funds mean to you? Why Palestine in particular? Keeping in mind your own personal motivations will help you speak with passion and purpose, and will inspire others to donate.

  • Welcome the Challenge

    Set your fundraising goal. Choose an amount that is realistic but challenging. If you think you can raise $500 you can probably raise $1,000!

  • Always Ask…and Ask Again!

    You are dedicating your time to support Palestinians in Gaza. The people in your life will be happy to support you! Gather the email addresses of your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone you know. Personalize this email template and send it to all of them. You can do this right from your fundraising page or send an email with your page’s donate link.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out a second or third time to ask your people to support you! People often forget about an email or a social media post, but sending out reminders and texting or calling to follow up helps make sure that everyone who wants to give has the chance. You’ll be surprised how many people give when you ask again.

  • Social Media is your Friend

    Use social media to get the word out! Sharing photos, success stories, and donation requests on Instagram, Facebook, X, or TikTok can engage those in your community and beyond. Make sure you link your fundraising page on all your social media pages and, if possible, make a couple of posts sharing why you Ride for Palestine and why others should support you!

  • Be specific

    It makes it easier for people to donate if they don’t have to decide what is too much or too little and if they are contributing to a “mini-goal.” For instance you can send an email that says, “This week I’m asking ten people to give $10 each and I hope you’ll be one.” Don’t worry about asking for an amount that seems too high. People won’t be offended and they’ll just give what they can afford.

  • Reach Everyone

    While most of your fundraising will be done online, make sure those outside of your online community still have a chance to donate. Use our donation form for these offline or mail-in donations.


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